Saturday 17 February

Ashton Brothers | reprise

Rode zaal duur: 100 minuten (geen pauze) ​Theater de Meervaart ​ Meer en Vaart 300, Amsterdam, NL

Ashton Brothers | Enfants Terribles | reprise

For centuries circus folk around the globe carefully passed on their best kept secrets from generation to generation. Until they fell into the hands of the Ashton Brothers. These juvenile men turned the most dangerous feats, hilarious acts and weirdest tricks into a colorful mix of music, acrobatics and outright wizardry.

this show already occured

Pricing & Tickets:

1e rang  € 29.00
2e rang  € 24.00
3e rang  € 19.00
MTK 10% korting prijs  € 26.10
CJP  € 21.75

These prices are excluding € 1,50 ticket fee (per booking).

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