Saturday 23 September

Two – Boléro

Rode zaal duur: 90 min (inclusief pauze) ​Theater de Meervaart ​ Meer en Vaart 300, Amsterdam, NL

ICKFEST | Two – Boléro

After three solos, Emio Greco invited another dancer into his universe for the performance of TWO (1999). Exploring a joint space and the relation to the other dancer became the subject of this performance. An intense and virtuosic duet where the dancers strive for their individuality and at the same time attempt to let go of it.

The original choreography for Ravel’s Boléro, made by Bronislava Nijinska in 1928, had a Spanish orientation. Choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten say goodbye to that setting and instead focus on the friction between body and music. Dancers struggle to liberate themselves from the musical resonance inside their bodies. They go head to head with Ravel’s forceful, overwhelming music. It’s a corporal revolt.

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Pricing & Tickets:

1e rang  € 25.00
2e rang  € 20.00
3e rang  € 15.00
MTK 10% korting prijs  € 22.50
CJP  € 18.75

These prices are excluding € 1,50 ticket fee (per booking).

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