Monday 26 March

Conny Janssen Danst | reprise

Rode zaal duur: 80 minuten (geen pauze) ​Theater de Meervaart ​ Meer en Vaart 300, Amsterdam, NL
IJzersterk ensemble herneemt danshit uit 2015

INSIDE OUT | Conny Janssen Danst | reprise

Following a successful tour, critical acclaim and a nomination for a Swan – The Netherland’s professional dance award – ‘INSIDE OUT’ (2015) by Conny Janssen Dances returns to theatres.

Choreographer Conny Jansen was inspired by the role the individual plays within a complex mass. ‘INSIDE OUT’ is about the humanity behind structure, about the beauty of a detail set within the grander scheme and about the vulnerable inside of the harnessed façade.

‘INSIDE OUT’ features a large, adventurous ensemble of dancers and live music by singer-songwriter iET and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Budy Mokoginta, originally composed together with cellist Jonas Pap and pianist Pieter de Graaf in 2014.

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CJP  € 18.75

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