vrijdag 25 november

Rima Khcheich

Blauwe zaal ​Theater de Meervaart ​ Meer en Vaart 300, Amsterdam, NL

Washwishni! | Rima Khcheich

Rima Khcheich is Lebanon’s most prominent singer of the younger generation. She’s well known for her qualities as a classical Arabic singer and the way she transforms this music to create a contemporary new sound.

Together with her Dutch musicians she developed a musical style that uses the best of both worlds: beautiful melodies and complex rhythms of the Arabic tradition combined with the advanced harmony and improvisation of European music.

After five successful albums combining classical repertoire with contemporary music she now recorded her latest album ‘Washwishni’ with fifteen newly composed songs. She wrote most of the songs in collaboration with Lebanese artist and director Rabih Mrou and some of the compositions were specially written for her by Egyptian composer Fouad Abdel Majeed. The songs form an almost satirical comment on the concerns of the younger Arab generation on topics like immigration, religion, revolution, and love.

Rima Khcheich’s band is a result of many years of collaboration with Dutch bassist Tony Overwater, gathering the finest musicians from Europe like Maarten Ornstein on clarinet, Maarten van der Grinten on guitar and percussionist Ruven Ruppik. On the album she also invited the Dudok string quartet and trumpet player Angelo Verploegen, creating a unique new sound recorded in Holland’s famous Wisseloord Studio.

Line up
Rima Khcheich vocals
Maarten Ornstein clarinet
Maarten van der Grinten guitar
Tony Overwater bass
Ruven Ruppik Percussion

Press quotes
“What a beautiful voice and touching music... A magnificent, splashing and flexible voice, a faultless intonation and a keen musical ear” de Volkskrant

“Her tender, classically trained vocals, even slightly remind you of Portuguese fado” Haarlems Dagblad

“The music of the orient express speaks directly to the soul.” Het Parool

“This evening assured the ability of music to unify the world and get rid of the
misconceptions. It was proof of the variety of beauty and culture , and the human aspect put all this together when the will exists.” Assafir Newspaper

The admission fee doesn't include a beverage.

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