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The Roots


Accrorap has been performing all around the world for many years. The French choreographic collective fuses hip-hop with circus, contemporary dance and visual arts.

In ‘The Roots’ eleven dancers show us hip-hop at its best: in all its power, innovation and diversity.

It pays homage to hip-hop from the early days, as it originated from the streets of New York City. Other large influences include skaters and mime. Accrorap’s performance is packed with surprises and may just end in a display of uncontrolled, improvised freestyle. Slow motion is alternated with super-fast footwork and their acrobatic feats are much like spectacular stunt work. It’s an absolute treat for the senses. 


Red hall

Pricing & Tickets

1st class 30.00
2nd class 25.00
Normaal Rang 3 (beperkt zicht) 20.00
MTK 10% discount 27.00

These prices are excluding € 1,50 ticket fee (per booking).