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Jakop Ahlbom Company

  • Sun 19 Sep 16:00 reprise
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We’re glad to be open to visitors again! We value your health and safety. For this reason there’s a limited number of tickets available. That way we can maintain 1,5 meters social distancing at all times.

With 'SYZYGY', Jakop Ahlbom Company  expresses creatural and emotional themes regarding a given both simple yet intricately complex: the human body.

It is our most powerful and at the same time vulnerable possession, and for some, be it deliberately or forced, a complete obsession. How do media and culture influence our self-image, and are we capable of accepting change? With so many physical possibilities within reach, where do we draw a line? What even is beauty?

In this show, four female performers explore the edges where the human body as an instrument can lead us and our imagination. As in all of Ahlbom’s work, an intriguing play takes place between surrealism and transformation. This seemingly magical, poetic journey takes us along the real and the unreal and makes one continuously question: can you look at it differently? When you leave the theater have your views changed, on your own body and the person’s that was sitting next to you? Learn to let go of that which you thought to be certain…

Imagine the unimaginable
Images and visions from Jakop Ahlbom’s performances can reappear to you after ages, and with 'SYZYGY' he yet again creates a truly unique experience.  It is a return to the intimacy of the smaller/midsize theater after years of large-scale productions like Horror and Le Bal and is meant to convey closely the essence and capabilities of the human body in all its purity. In the best Ahlbom tradition it is a loving performance about strength and sensitivity, and fact versus illusion.

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