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Immortal Trees

Lavinia Meijer ft. Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest


Existing and new musical repertoire flow together, forming unexpected connections and offering room for improvisation.

Harpist Lavinia Meijer and the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra were inspired by their musical roots. What their instruments - the harp, the qanûn ('horizontal' oriental harp) and the ud - have in common is their rich history and close connection with trees. Immortal Trees' is about sharing stories; about growth, death and survival.

Lavinia Meijer: "To the music that I have enjoyed making and discovering with the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, we connect trees that have a special place in different cultures. Think not only of the many books and musical instruments that are formed from trees. Immortal Trees' are the trees around us that transcend generations and have age-old stories to tell".

Their instruments were originally used by troubadours to tell their stories, and before the harp, for example, was put on a pedestal and given an 'angelic' image, it was an instrument for and from the people.

Lavinia Meijer
Lavinia Meijer (1983), winner of the 2009 Dutch Music Prize, is one of the most versatile harpists of our time. Since her debut at Carnegie Hall in New York (2007), she has been regularly invited to perform as a soloist in Europe, Asia and America. 

She has worked with famous composers such as Philip Glass ('Koyaanisqatsi', 'The Hours') and Ludovico Einaudi ('Intouchables', 'Black Swan') and shared the stage with them, as well as with the legendary singer Iggy Pop. 

Her albums are released worldwide (Channel Classics, Sony Classics), have won an Edison Award and have gold and platinum status.

Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra
The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra (2011) plays various forms of music from Granada to Baghdad, from different periods and in different styles: from the rich Arabo-Andalus repertoire and mystical Eastern music to refined improvised music from the Arab world and folk music from the Maghreb. 

The orchestra has been formed for ten years now by musicians from home and abroad. Over the years, the orchestra has worked with renowned musicians from all genres, from Arabic (Marcel Khalife and Sami Yusuf) to jazz and flamenco (Estrella Morente).

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