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Andalus Voices

Sanaa Marahati ft. Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest

Onze Makers

Sanaa Marahati and the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra play poetic life songs on themes such as love and spirituality.

Sanaa Marahati is one of the last performers of the classical Malhoun-style from Morocco. The Moroccan singer is classically trained and dedicated her musical life to the Malhoun-style, an age-old Moroccan-Arabic tradition.

These are poetic life songs about themes such as love and spirituality. The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra is specialised in the diverse repertoire from the Maghreb, the north-western part of Africa.

Musical leader Abderrahim Semlali grew up in the historic centre of Fez, where his parents applied Malhoun-style storytelling to everyday life. As a child he allowed himself to be carried away by the stories. His love for music stems from that time.

From 20:00 to 20:20, there will be a preliminary discussion in the foyer of the Blue Hall.


Blauwe Zaal

Dinner in advance possible

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Regulier Rang 1 20.00
Regulier Rang 2 15.00
MTK 10% discount 18.00

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