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Celebrate the body: Schweigman& and DOX celebrate the female body*

In Eros, six women go in search of the power and pleasure of their sensuality. In a contemporary ritual, the brakes are off and femininity* is celebrated in all its facets.

Hallucinatory total experiences 
Theatre maker Boukje Schweigman disrupts the senses and makes people look at the world in a different way than they are used to. In her experiential theatre, she reduces the most ordinary phenomena to their essence. The titles of her work say it all: Ground, Corner, Mirror, Fall. She turns concrete notions into tangible experiences that are viewed, reversed, explored from all sides. In this way, they break free from all self-evidence and transform into hallucinatory total experiences.

Pandora’s box
Whereas her last performance Spectrum was about colour, Eros focuses on nothing less than female sensuality. Boukje Schweigman about the work process: ‘It was like opening Pandora's box. Many women have a lid on their lower abdomen, so to speak, and for good reasons. Centuries of oppression and abuse have left their mark.’ They sought out and left behind those dark sides, the shame and guilt, in the safety of the rehearsal room. They wanted to cross the threshold, rediscover the joy, the eroticism of the body and the innocent, cheerful and playful zest for life.

The roof is raised!
In Eros, all taboos and clichés are done with: the roof is raised! Supported by the drums and percussion of Frank Rosaly and Katherina Bornefeld, it has become a sizzling total experience beyond the mundane.

Schweigman& and DOX 
Eros is a co-production of Schweigman& and DOX. The fact that the Utrecht-based companies are joining forces leads to new dimensions in both their work: the physical-sensory, ritualistic work of Schweigman& mixed with the focus on youth culture and urban dance (theatre) of DOX.

*The performers of Eros identify themselves as (biological) women; it is made from their experience as women. We are aware that the experience of the body and of femininity and masculinity can be experienced by everyone in his/her/ their own way.


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