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Sunday 24 March

The Ruggeds

Rode zaal duur: 60 minuten (geen pauze) ​Theater de Meervaart ​ Meer en Vaart 300, Amsterdam, NL
Een voorstelling, leuk voor de hele familie!

The Ruggeds | Between Us

The Ruggeds combine music, acrobatics, humor and dance to form an astonishing show. “Quite a rush to experience”, the The Guardian wrote and The New York Times commented that they amazingly just keep "topping their energy”.

There's family and there's friends. But what if your friends are your family? The Ruggeds have been inseparable since childhood and created their own kind of family: not held together by DNA, but by shared experiences. In ‘Between Us’ they try to unravel the ties that bind them together: between each other, between the audience, between each of us. Submerged yourself in their world of imagination.

Breakdance introduction
Before the show, starting at 3:15 PM, you can attend an introduction to the history, development and future of breakdance as well as a demonstration of its main tricks and moves. The Ruggeds’ artistic director, Niek Traa, will also give insights into how these have specifically influenced their show ‘Beween Us’.

Breakdance workshop (8+)
In addition to the show we’re offering an introductory breakdance workshop! One of The Ruggeds’ crewmembers is going to teach you the basic steps, like the Top Rock, the Freeze and the 6 Step. The workshop is held between 1:30 PM until 3 PM and can be booked along with your tickets to the performance at a € 2,50 admission fee.

Lees volledige beschrijving Verberg volledige beschrijving

Between Us' is the Ruggeds' second theatre production. In 2017 they toured The Netherlands with their first successful production 'Adrenaline'. Parts of this production were also applauded in London, Paris, Beijing, New York, Toronto and many more.

Artistic director: Niek Traa | Choreographer: Roy Overdijk | Performers: Jessy 'Jazzy Gypz' Kemper / Leelou Demierre / Niek Traa / Rico 'Zoopreme' Coker / Roy Overdijk / Sjoerd 'Stepper' Poldermans / Tawfiq Amrani / Virgil 'Skychief' Dey | Composers: Boi Beige & Y’skid | Graphic design/ Art direction: SPEARHEAD.NU | Decor: SPEARHEAD.NU / Ido Koppendaal / Mike Merrington / Remy van de Pas | 
Light design: Ido Koppenaal.

'Between Us' is a co-production with Parktheater Eindhoven and financially supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Brabant C, Fonds 21 and Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds.

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Pricing & Tickets:

1e rang  € 26.00
2e rang  € 21.00
3e rang  € 16.00
kindprijs 1e rang  € 16.00
kindprijs 2e rang  € 11.00
kindprijs 3e rang  € 6.00
MTK 10% korting prijs  € 23.40
CJP  € 19.50

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