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Endless Song of Silence

Dance Company Nanine Linning

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"Endless Song of Silence" is an adaptation of the popular show Nanine Linning created in 2009 which has brought many to tears. Nanine Linning has deepened and expanded upon this intimate duet about love, hope and the irrevocable farewell.

  “Linning splendidly gave shape to this theme using a theatrical invention: the dancers move around on a long conveyor belt running between two voile curtains showing video images. This creates a magical cinematographic scenery.”
de Volkskrant
  “The wonderful thing about this dance piece with the elegant title ‘Endless Song of Silence’ is that it is left open to different interpretations. Some will see this as symbolic for the aftermath of an intensive relationship conflict, while others will regard it as representing humanity’s vulnerability...”
Financieel Dagblad