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Samir Calixto & Cello Octet Amsterdam


A performance about our longing for comfort and about the silence that is such a key component in Avro Pärt’s iconic music.

For many people, the iconic music of Arvo Pärt is an inspiration because of its timeless and almost etheric quality. The purity and freedom that can be found in Pärt’s music touch upon the longing for comfort and silence that we feel in times of confusion and turmoil.

In Pärt’s work, silence is equally important as the musical notes. It is this ‘music of silence’ that has brought choreographer Samir Calixto and the Octet together in creating Summa.

Pärt has called the Cello Octet ‘ein Goldstück’ and has written several compositions especially for them. These compositions form the basis for Summa. In complete focus and harmony, eight cellists and two dancers bring about a synthesis between music and the knowledge that is stored in our bodies: a summum of our human complexity. Music caresses the space with a whisper, while dance cuts through it like the wind.


Blue hall

Pricing & Tickets

1st class 20.00
2nd class 15.00
MTK 10% discount 18.00
CJP 1st class 15.00

These prices are excluding € 1,50 ticket fee (per booking).

  “Cello Octet Amsterdam in this dance performance plays with a remarkable sense of sophistication.”
de Volkskrant
  “The orchestration was ideally suited and exploited the rich tones of the cello and moved seamlessly from melodic. sublime moments to those of aggressive discord punctuated by sustained silence... A joy to be immersed in.”