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Conny Janssen Danst



‘KIEM’ is a dance performance about vigour and the will to live, including an adventurous ensemble of ten dancers.

For her earlier performance ‘BROOS’ (2019), Conny Janssen found inspiration in old age, youth and the vulnerability that’s present throughout all stages of live. A personal source of inspiration then was the imploding live of her mother, which for Janssen embodied the notion of ‘brittleness’.

As a consequence of this intense process, a need for a counterbalance arose that embraces the vitality of life. To discover what else life has in store. To throw open the windows and let in a breath of fresh air.

Conny Janssen’s work received numerous awards and can be enjoyed at various festivals and events. In addition, Conny Janssen Danst is a breeding ground for young talent. The company is known as an important ambassador for contemporary dance.


Red hall

Pricing & Tickets

1st class 30.00
2nd class 25.00
Normaal Rang 3 (beperkt zicht) 20.00
MTK 10% discount 27.00
CJP 1st class 22.50

These prices are excluding € 1,50 ticket fee (per booking).