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Keren Levi / Arno Schuitemaker

Unmute / Together_Till the End


Choreographers Keren Levi and Arno Schuitemaker present a double bill. 'unmute' is a dance concert with live music in which the words and cries of four dancers are alternated with audio fragments of extinct languages ??and computer-generated voices. In 'Together_till the end', two men create a vortex of repetitive movement amidst stirring beats. "That is about energy, that gives tension, and keeps you breathless" (VPRO).


Spoken fragments, detached from their physical origin, keep hovering over the scenes in UNMUTE. The performers are paradoxically both in control and controlled by them. As prophets, mediums, daemons and cyborgs, they are speaking to us and for us, expressing an urgency to communicate.

UNMUTE is musicdance performance, a hybrid outcome of an encounter between composer Yannis Kyriakides and choreographer Keren Levi. During the performance dance, live percussion and digital soundscape are interwoven by the performers, 3 dancers and 2 musicians of percussion ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag. They all wear sensors on their bodies, their physical skills and new technology play upon each other. With this project Kyriakides and Levi tread on barely explored ground where technology and human physicality lead to new perspectives.

In UNMUTE is not about the content or the meaning of speech. Central to the piece is the space created for the muted to articulate their demand to be heard. In that no man’s land between ancient and post-human technologies, opportunity for transformation and emancipation arise. UNMUTE is a fascinating performance that is both topical and poetic.

Together_till the end
Starting from a repeated movement that shows no sign of stopping, two men are transformed by their movements. Repeated time and time again, each time with new intensity. They're connected in an infectious groove, close together, while pulsating light seems to wrap itself around their bodies.

Through the stirring beats and their revolving torso's they create a vortex of movement and stretch the limits of the humanly possible. Filled with sensual energy, they immerse the viewer.

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Blue hall

Pricing & Tickets

1st class 20.00
2nd class 15.00
MTK 10% discount 18.00
CJP 1st class 15.00

These prices are excluding € 1,50 ticket fee (per booking).

  “Arno Schuitemaker''s dance at times feels like an electric shock. Hypnotic movements are made on electronic minimal music... It''s about energy, creates tension and leaves you in breathless fascination”
  “The dancer''s bodies merge with pulsating music and sophisticated lighting which leaves some things mysteriously underexposed, creating a hallucinating total experience”
  “It''s as if Levi and Kyriakides went looking for a parallel universe - what you would call a different planet - not yet suitable for our brains to experience and interpret. It''s an entirely new terrain which asks for different ways of expression”
Theaterkrant (Keuze van de Criticus)