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Unmute / Together_Till the End

Keren Levi / Arno Schuitemaker

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Choreographers Keren Levi and Arno Schuitemaker present this double bill. 'Unmute' is a dance concert with live music in which the words and cries of four dancers are alternated with audio fragments of extinct languages and computer-generated voices. In 'Together_till the end', two men create a vortex of repetitive movement amidst stirring beats. "It's about energy, creates tension, and takes your breath away" (VPRO).

  “Arno Schuitemaker''s dance at times feels like an electric shock. Hypnotic movements are made on electronic minimal music... It''s about energy, creates tension and leaves you in breathless fascination”
  “The dancer''s bodies merge with pulsating music and sophisticated lighting which leaves some things mysteriously underexposed, creating a hallucinating total experience”
  “It''s as if Levi and Kyriakides went looking for a parallel universe - what you would call a different planet - not yet suitable for our brains to experience and interpret. It''s an entirely new terrain which asks for different ways of expression”
Theaterkrant (Keuze van de Criticus)