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Workshops & introductions

De Meervaart regularly offers activities, such as workshops, introductions and birthday parties before or after the shows.


Some plays, dance performances, opera’s and concerts have a free introduction in advance, presented by the director, choreographer or by an expert of the field. Introductions always start 45 minutes before showtime. There is no need to enrol. Just report to our wardrobe on time.

If you’ve bought or reserved a ticket and there is an introduction, we will inform you beforehand by e-mail. Introductions are also announced on our website.


Most of our youthful performances are followed by a workshop by an experienced teacher of 4West School of Theater. Admittance to these workshops costs € 2,50 per child. If you’ve bought a ticket you will be informed of the workshop by e-mail about a week in advance.


Birthday celebrations:

On Wednesday and Sunday afternoons and in the spring holidays we often have performances for younger audiences. In addition we offer the opportunity to celebrate your child’s birthday. A special spot in our theater will be designated as birthday party-area where you can eat, unpack presents and/or follow a workshop. Moreover, de Meervaart has a special surprise for the birthday boy or girl. For more information you can contact us at