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Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten | Andreas Hannes

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Voor bezoek aan dit optreden is een coronatoegangsbewijs verplicht. Voorafgaand wordt gevraagd een bewijs van vaccinatie, recent herstel van COVID-19 of een negatieve coronatest te tonen (QR-code), samen met een geldig identiteitsbewijs.

  “The visual impact alone is strong, but the sense of purpose behind the choreographic vision makes it enormously powerful. Add the staging and you have a truly astonishing combination. The six dancers, including Greco, are immaculate in their precision and quality of movement. They dance together as if to a shared heartbeat.”
Morning Herald (Australië, 2004)
  “This results, the note concludes, in "a dance that is no longer just spectacle, but which reaches a spiritual dimension. To see in the dark, to hear in silence, to taste movement in stillness". From this it is plain that Greco and Scholten are out to stir and shake us in ways we may not even be aware of until long after the curtain has descended.”
Hong Kong Art Festival (2004)
  “This piece, carved in the cloth of daydreams, is permeated by misty shivers and moves between lightning and darkness. It invites us to travel through improbable territories evoking the most ancient times as well as the worlds to come. ”
Théatre de la ville

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